A little bit about us

Cycle City started in Spring of 2004 in the Parkville area. In early 2009 we moved to Parkville Commons and have helped develop a very bike friendly community in this quiet and enjoyable part of town! We help sponsor local events, rides, and participate in many of these activities ourselves. Everyone who works at Cycle City has experience with biking and running. We strive to meet all of your needs as our customer. We are very proud to be part of such a great community!


Meet our Staff


Joe Fox


I have lived in Parkville since I was a kid and have always loved exploring the roads in and around the Northland. That passion pushed me to open Cycle City in 2004. Over the years I have ridden and raced every type of bike imaginable all over the US and the world. I've competed in road, mountain bike, cyclocross, BMX, gravel and 8 Ironman triathlons. To me, nothing is more freeing than enjoying the open road or pushing myself harder and farther in a race.

My biggest joy comes from getting new riders out there as well and encouraging others to see what the roads have to offer and what they're capable of. Many of my rides now are to/from sporting events or chasing my 4 boys around the local parks!



Bike Enthusiast

I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was 11 years old which is generally a little late to start, but maybe that helped to fuel my passion for riding. I started racing over 30 years ago while in college and still love it. My favorite racing is criteriums on the road, but have also done cyclocross, gravel, mountain bike, and adventure racing.

I really enjoy anything on the bike from commuting and running errands, to just cruising around with the family and friends. I’m pretty sure riding a bike is the closest thing you’ll find to the fountain of youth!



Active to the Max!

I started working at Cycle City in 2009 and I found an even bigger love for 2 wheels! My favorite races are the Dirty Kanza 200 and LandRun100. I’ve finished DK 4 times, and I hope to complete my 5th on my single speed in 2018. I also love endurance road events and training and riding anywhere in the Northland. I raced Route66 bike race from Chicago to Santa Monica and won first place female and 7th overall, which was a really cool experience.

I’ve completed many marathons, other running races, and triathlon as well, including Ironmans Wisconsin and Texas.

I love mountain biking for fun with my son, but I’m not very good :), and I’m lucky to always have my husband and kids there to support me, and even crew for me, at events like LandRun100, Dirty Kanza and RAID.

I really love my job at Cycle City. Seeing a new customer walk out of the shop excited to start riding is one of the most rewarding parts of my job, as well as all the friends I’ve made that come in just to hang out and talk about bikes and races they’re doing.



Bike Guru

I started working on my neighbors' bikes in grade school and quickly found my love for bikes. I soon started racing BMX and raced in high school while I lived in Nebraska. After college I moved to Kansas City about the time mountain bikes started taking off. I found myself riding and jumping off about anything I could!

I first started working in a shop in 1993 and I have been at Cycle City since we opened. My favorite riding is still mountain biking. I mostly ride longer travel trail bikes, but I also ride some on the road and commute to my full-time job as a KCMO fire fighter. I also enjoy riding with my son and daughter, and exploring new trails around the Kansas City area.



Single Speed Jake

I probably didn't know it at the time, but I think I fell for cycling that first time my grandpa pushed me down the driveway on this green little 16" that I got for Christmas. I definitely didn't plan it, but bikes were just a big part of my life after that...it's how I got around, like any kid...but, I just kept leaning in to it, and eventually it led me to some pretty amazing things, even met some of my best friends to this day, over a shared love for cycling.

I've been wrenching on my own rides since I can remember, but getting to bring that part of my life to the shop every day, and do it as a job, is completely unreal. Very lucky to be a part of things here at Cycle City.



New Guy

I have been a Parkville local all my life. I currently am a Senior at Park University and even though soccer has been my passion for the last 12 years, cycling is quickly overtaking as my primary sport.

I am pretty new to the sport, but I enjoy the new challenges. I have always been a runner, but did not have a bike for many years. In fact, I only picked up my first bike as a fun way to stay fit during offseason. It was only after deciding that my collegiate career was over that I decided to start taking cycling more seriously. So far, I have only competed in a few races including criteriums, gravel grinders and cyclocross.

I really enjoy the adventure aspect of cycling and how you can experience the roads in more rewarding and entertaining way. Riding is one of the few times where getting lost can actually be an enjoyable experience!